The Airport Art Project Honorable Mentions

When the request was made for microscopy images for this project, the life science industry of Southern California submitted a vast number of incredible pictures. While not all could be put on display, these images were found worthy of attention as honorable mentions. Congratulations to all of the scientists and labs represented here for their excellent and inspiring work!


More About Biocom

Biocom supports life science companies through a diverse range of initiatives and programs in public policy, capital development, group savings, professional network building and talent development.

As a member driven organization, they provide unmatched opportunities and resources to help life science companies and their employees fulfill their goals. Biocom offers meaningful access to the influential drivers propelling the industry forward across all major life science sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, connected health, bio-renewables, and research and development.

Biocom serves Southern California, a region offering the perfect climate for life science innovation because of its uniquely collaborative spirit, high concentration of world-class research institutes and its strong foundation for new company creation and development.

More about Ilus

Ilus (pronounced e’loos) is a unique art company founded on the principle that beauty can be found in science. Albert Einstein said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” From the microscopic images of the inner workings of a single cell to projects based on tissue engineering, all of these images are used to validate a scientist’s research. CEO, Janet Hubka first observed some of these images while visiting family members who work at local biotech companies. Initially thinking that she was looking at peacock feathers, she made the recommendation to enlarge one of the images for decorative purposes. Upon learning that the image was actually that of skin cells, she conferred with the scientist that took the picture and an idea named Ilus Art was born!

Ilus commissions research scientists to submit regenerative medicine images using macro-photography. All of the images that Ilus offers are printed using the highest quality materials and the most innovative techniques. Ilus images have won awards from the Regenerative Medicine Foundation and three of our pictures are among the selected images currently on display at the San Diego International Airport. Ilus Art was commissioned by Biocom to print all of the pictures for the Airport Art Project.

Ilus congratulates both the Airport Authority and Biocom for its shared vision of showcasing the beautiful pictures found at life science companies in Southern California. Perhaps the exhibit will spur a conversation about science, or maybe open a young mind to the possibility of a career in the life science industry.

Ilus supports the life science industry by working with companies such as Biocom and by giving back a portion of its proceeds to research institutes that explore the areas of regenerative medicine and disease prevention.